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Does anyone here NOT like Van Halen?


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    Not to hard to do. You either hate Dave's voice or think Sammy sings cheese-dick ballads all day.

    I personally love VH though, but ymmv
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      I used to listen to Dave and Sammy VH all the time and liked all the albums. Maybe I burnt myself out or something because now I don't care to listen to any of it. I don't even have enough intrest to listen to the latest album. I think I've heard 3 songs from it and didn't really care for them.
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        I don't own any van halen or listen to them much.

        Never got into them for some reason...
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          I think Van Halen appeals more to an American audience... And to Germans with mullets.
          I don't actualy know anyone in the UK who is in to Van Halen.
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            i like almost everything van halen.

            i absolutely LOVE everything dan halen.
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            I wonder what a persons life must be like if they're so easily affected by my posting on an Internet forum.

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              I don't care for them. Eddie was a great player, but I can only take one or two songs before it gets annoying. You should post this at Rig Talk and watch the butthurt explosion.
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              That's the problem with Marshalls... They cut right through.


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                I don't care for them. Eddie was a great player, but I can only take one or two songs before it gets annoying. You should post this at Rig Talk and watch the butthurt explosion.

                this, actually.
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                  I don't like him very much at all. There are a few songs I don't mind listening to every once in awhile, but he gets old quick.


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                    I'm not a big DLR fan but pretty much all of the DLR era stuff is great and I really love 5150 and For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge out of the Hagar era. In recent years I have probably listened to the latter album more than the others (edit - this is saying something about how good the songs are IMO, because I really don't like the sound of that album). I don't listen to the radio and I purposefully don't listen to any of these albums until they feel distant enough to experience again with some real enjoyment.


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                      never cared for them. too old
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                        I just don't see what's not to like (other than that excessive top end sizzle this whole album has):


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                          I am 45 and pretty much grew up at the same time they were getting big. I was a huge music fan but always disliked VH, of course I knew Eddie was great and never really disliked him but thought DLR was a big doofy clown. Of course there were always a couple of tunes I dug but never enough to buy an album. Fast forward to about a year or two ago, I started picking up a majority of their catalog. I enjoy it alot more now thats for sure. I also never got into RUSH until the last couple of months as I began picking up their catalog and enjoying that as well. I listen to alot of music at work that I never really got into before just because I am getting stuff really cheap and looking for things I casually like but never gave enough time to. Now it's time.
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                            I tried to like it.
                            I enjoy eruption but beyond that its simply not for me.

                            No denying their abilities to write hooks and eddie's abilities and influence on guitar but its simply a band I am not capable of enjoying.
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                              I hate Van Halen with nearly every fibre of my being.

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                                dlr era i am very much a fan. everything else no.

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