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Clips of my new Evil Robot C30


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  • Clips of my new Evil Robot C30

    Okay, so it's clip in the singular. 


    Two tracks, the one on the left is the Loudness A channel which has a bit more saturation, hard right is Loudness B which is a bit brighter and a bit cleaner. 


    Nothing in the way of EQ compression etc.  The backing track isn't me.  A couple of flubs here and there, but such is life. 



    I think this thing is pretty close to Page's old Supro or whatever amp he used on the original tune.  Guitar is my LP traditional with '57 classic/'57 Classic + pickups.  The rhythm guitar under the solo is part of the backing track. 

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    Originally Posted by RaceU4her

    i have 12,000+ posts at HCAF, of course im a ****************ing tone guru

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    Nice. Had me singing along

    My **bleep** hurts


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      Sounds Zeppie!

      Good stuff. Tone is there.
      78' 2203 JMP/OR15 on top of an Avatar GB'd 412=Rock Nirvanah

      Its "Boo-tique" fellas cause that price scares the tone out of my fingers...


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        Sounds Great!!!