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diocide is the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • diocide is the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys.  How bout this new HC, huh?  What a clusterffuucckk LOL  I finally was able to reset my password.  


    Anyways just wanted to let everyone konw that I posted in the tis the season thread on the old HC, and diocide hooked me up!!!!  Couldn't have been a cooler joke, normally I'm always **bleep** that with the exception of ONE, every single muso I've ever met has been the most delusional, flakey, childish, egotistical, the list goes on and on, well, now that's TWO!!!  Seriously he really is an amazing guy, he let me borrow a fantastic ESP LTD M-250, and he even restrung it and reset it for me for E cuz he had it down to C (in my post I had offered a few things like 2 50' Carvin speaker cables and some cheap X keyboard stands and adding keys styrings horns synths or whatever or doing some mixing and mastering, looking for a cheap or beginner electric guitar cuz I'm broke as hell and I've been playing keys for the past 10 years but have been in a SERIOUS fffuucckkiinnggg writers block, it's absolutely been KILLING me, I haven't been able to do anything original or creative in years, and as I posted I started on guitar, Metallica's Black Album came out when I was in 5th grade and Kirk's solo in Enter Sandman made me pick up guitar...I was lucky enough that mydad made me take classical guitar lessons for 2 years from a great teacher, and even though I didn't take it as seriously as I should have cuz I just wanted to shred on electric it gave me a really good foundation in theory...anyways I was a total metal head shredder until my late teens early 20's, then got into keys and never looked back...I was so desparate for inspiration taht I though maybe messing with an electric would re-kindle the juices, so to speak, and he most graciously offered to let me borrow it.  I can't say enough nice things about him, he's mad cool, and check out Vexed Wuv, I know you're probably just thinking I'm jusjust saying I really dig it cuz he hooked me up but it really is some great stuff.  Three cheers for diocide!!!!  Keep on rockin' bro and I'll talk to you soon.



    Originally Posted by co&cafan808

    chevybusa ****************in delivers the lulz!!!

    Using and abusing Reason 4.0 (with tons of ReFills) and Logic 9 (with tons of soft synths, VSTi's and plug-ins)
    a Yamaha S80 (with 2 FC7's, an FC5, an FC3, and a BC3a) and a Behringer BCR2000
    a 4GB 2.53GHz Intel Core Duo Mac Mini
    AKG K77 headphones or M-Audio BX5a Deluxe monitors.

    Originally Posted by OldGuitarPlayer

    Ahhh...John Cage. The ultimate troll.

    Originally Posted by Anderton

    Just remember...machines don't kill music, people do.

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