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So....What do we do now?


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  • So....What do we do now?

    This forum seriously sucks now! So many problems with it, I do not know where to start. It basically looks like shit

    HCAF screwed HCAF

    That's all I can say about that.

    That open jam fourm just isn't the same as the old HCAF.



    fuck this

    RIP HCAFIt was fun while it lasted

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    Yup, **bleep** this.
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      I just don't get why they didn't go with a Vbulletin updated forum.  This is just hard to read and everything is jumbled.  Might not be overly bad if they would get change the colors and font some and get rid of all the advertising on the sides of the screen.  I know they need advertising but leave that **bleep** at the top and bottom of the screens like most forums do.

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    We also already have our own forum all set up and ready to go on a solid platform just for HCAF, but no one seems to go there when these issues arive.