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New Peavey Vypyr II


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  • New Peavey Vypyr II

    As a big fan of the Vypyr I gotta say I'm stoked. I hope they have a stereo head or combo coming.


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    love my 30 !!!  but just got a Jet City

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      Whats better about it?

      Originally Posted by decode6

      Way to go primeholy, you've just killed Independent George.

      Originally Posted by Arpanoid

      I was meditating on the finer things of life and then I realized that PrimeHoly is the god of this forum. For real. no troll.

      Originally Posted by eudaimonia02912

      Just think: There must be thread ideas that pop in Charveldan's head, but which, after some thought, he rejects and decides not to post. Imagine how bizarre those ideas must be, if they don't even meet Charveldan's standards.


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        whoa Whoa WHOA. Man, I've been hoping for a new Vypyr, but it looks like a step back in costmetics a bit. I do love my Vypyr 30 (most days lol), and just today listed it on CL to make way for a new amp, but the new Vypyrs may have a spot in my practice space at home . . .

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        primeholy wrote:

        Whats better about it?

        Twice as much Venom, same low price.