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Well this sucks

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  • Well this sucks

    well this sucks

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    I'm trying to give it more of a chance. But yeah, it feels... cheap. Why didn't they just go with IPB? All the forums I visit that run it run awesome. And it's waaaaaaaay better than this **bleep**.
    Originally Posted by James Hetfield


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    • madrigal77
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      ZOMG you can't even say cr@p!!!

    • Mesa4x12er2
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      I know right? wtf? Everything is squashed up in the middle.

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    What the **bleep** is this **bleep**?
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      well this is **bleep**, I hate it, I agree with you on this one mesa.

      You should have brought your guns so it wouldn't have happened
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      • Neilrocks25
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        also "Super Contributor" what **bleep** ****bleep**** is this



        **bleep** you Harmoney central

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      **bleep** this place


      • MadKeithV
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        There's still more activity here than there has been for weeks at old HCAF ;-)

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      Go bleep ur mom m 34t all nite


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        ^ you got me. Cut like a knife.


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        Why bother coming here to **bleep** about this forum? Just go already. This place will survive just fine without those who leave.


        • jlb32
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          m34t wrote:  This place will survive just fine without those who leave.

          I wish I could believe that.  I've seen this place go from it's highest to now.  This is the lowest I remember this forum ever being and if they stay this course really have my doubts if it will survive.

          Most don't remember when this forum was HUGE.  You could start a new thread and it would be off the first page in 5 minutes or you might have 100 replies in 20 minutes.  There was just so much traffic here it was unreal.  If you had a question, needed advice or opinions it was great because the responses were instantaneous.  There was so much actual gear talk combined with the casual chatter it made this place fun to come to wether you just wanted to BS or you actually wanted to talk gear, needed opinions, advice, questions, etc...

          Now you can post a new thread and it will stay on the first page almost all day with no replies.