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New band demo - Kemper content

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  • New band demo - Kemper content

    Hi guys, just launched a facebook page for my band.

    Please check out our demo "Eye for an eye", all recorded with the Kemper based on the Merrorw 5150 profile. Please feel free to leave comments.


    Please like our page if u like what ya heard

    <div class="signaturecontainer">Amp heads:<br />
    Diezel Einstein 100<br />
    Custom Audio Amplifiers OD50<br />
    VHT Ultra Lead<br />
    VHT Sig X<br />
    Elmwood Modena 60<br />
    Splawn Quickrod<br />
    Engl Blackmore<br />
    Mesa Stilletto Deuce II<br />
    Mesa Dual Rectifier Blackface<br />
    Marshall Jubilee 2555 SL<br />
    Marhsall JCM800KK<br />
    Soldano Avenger 100<br />
    Orange Dark Terror<br />
    <br />
    Racks<br />
    Marshall JMP-1<br />
    Mesa Quad preamp<br />
    VHT 2/90/2</div>

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    Nice! I am really liking what the KPA does for digital amp emulation.