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So: what would you say is the rarest amp out there today?


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  • So: what would you say is the rarest amp out there today?

    I would say it has to have been in at least limited production...
    So no one offs. Anyone can build an amp and claim its one of a kind.
    Although maybe the early VH4 in the Marshall headshell could qualify. I.e. it was a one off, but not really. (I'm not saying that IS the rarest, just giving an example). In fact I don't think it should be allowed.

    What do you reckon?

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    Originally Posted by exafro

    I can alternate pick like a mofo, and it has nothing to do with practice.

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    My kids are older now and have all shot hundreds of rounds thru my shotguns and handguns. They know how to use them and I'm not worried about them playing cowboys and indians with them.

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    you know whats classy as ****************? ****************ing your wife in the ass and telling the internet beforehand!


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      I have a Zorko El Basso (Precurser to the amp sold with the ampeg baby bass) that is pretty stinkin' rare!
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        I'd say there is quite a few Dumbles around.


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          That orange 200W PA head in the other thread has to be near the top.
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            Dumbles surely would fall into your limited production requirement , as well as Trainwrecks . I'll add
            Jim Kelly amps
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              Rare is like

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              "Artist" HiWatts

              Of course, there's a whole bunch of rare amps nobody wants, like TUSC amps.


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                I'm pretty sure I have the only Goldea Rex 6200 in the United States, so I win.


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                  Only 40 or so Trainwrecks...the builder died in 2006.

                  I think there's >200 real Dumbles. Crystal Lettuce.
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                  Originally Posted by Sixtonoize


                  I couldn't have said it better.

                  Originally Posted by K-Bizzle

                  Yeah I'm with Abstract here...

                  Originally Posted by Bob Savage

                  I like your style, and attention to reason.

                  Originally Posted by TornadoOfSouls

                  Just don't buy it from Dewy / Musicians Friend.

                  Originally Posted by justcrash

                  Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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                    Find me and the rest of the guise here:


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                      Probably some random-ass crap from the '40s
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                      Originally Posted by RaceU4her

                      i have 12,000+ posts at HCAF, of course im a ****************ing tone guru


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                        Nice edit. Hahahaha


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                          Nice edit. Hahahaha

                          Find me and the rest of the guise here:


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                            I thought you were just spreading the Mila Kunis love between threads.
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                            Can't you just let Jesus melt your face?

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                            life's too short not to eat bee's

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                              it's probably a really ****************ty amp that every owner but one destroyed in a fit of rage
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