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Please recommend me a compact digital camera.


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  • Please recommend me a compact digital camera.


    Please recommend me a compact digital camera to take guitar pictures for around $250.
    I've been using my cell phone to take pictures and I'm not too happy with the result.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I use a Canon Elph 310 for these . Love this camera , its small fits in shirt pocket. Does 1080 Video .
    Costs about $180 at Best buy when on sale.
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      Sounds like it's a Pr0n site but it's probably the best photography review site out there on the interwebz


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        dpreview plox


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          Did you join HC to ask about cameras?
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            I would up your price a bit and try to find a canon s100 for around $350 or so. With doing so you will pretty much get the best point and shoot you can buy.

            I got sick of carrying my canon XSI around and switched to the s100..Really not much difference at all for regular shooting. The friggin thing is tiny to!
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              Thanks for your recommendations.
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                I got this for Christmas and could'nt be happier



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                  I'll never give up my DSLR's.
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                    I will recommend you Canon Digital Camera.
                    you can buy latest canon digital camera @cheaper rate from this site



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                      We have two Panasonic Lumix, and couldn't be happier. I'm no expert, and not a spammer like porag07...but I do enjoy taking beautiful worry free photos without hassle. Great pics and good video. HIGHLY Recommend!