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Possibly what HC is going for?


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  • Possibly what HC is going for?

    Example of Lithium site. This is one example of what is being suggested in feedback section. It is a PlayStation site based on the Lithium verision. I like the interactivity. I guess that is what they were sold on. Have a look. I don't think VB could provide that (if HC wanted seemless navigation and interactivity of areas).


    I think the HC web crew should check out other sites using the Lithium versions and compare.

    The darker shades are cool. That's why I liked the Petrucci Forum.




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    I like the darker look. Just a bit less bright white lettering and it'd be even better.
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    • Musicscotty
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      The selection of shades and colours on those sites are really what HC shoudl have been aiming for.

      Whilst I'm liking a lot of the new functionality of HC 3.0 I find that I only stand about 10 minutes of looking at the site before my eyes tell my brain to log out because it's too bright.


    • shredhead7
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      I think it looks a lot better, it's like a cool hybrid between the VB and this.

    • tristenmerritt
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      I like new the new theme in blue and white, But the agree the old one was pretty impressive.

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    HKS, can you put this in the feedback forum also, sir?

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