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Harmony Central has “soft launched” our new mobile experience this past week. While we have done extensive testing, we know that with a community as large as HC that there will be items that surface that will still need to be addressed. We are asking that you utilize the thread belowto report any challenges you may encounter. Here are the things we request you provide: A brief description of the issue, the device and operating system version you were using, the browser and version, screen resolution, and a screen shot of the display.
Thanks for your patience as we work towards the best experience we can provide to our community.

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Possibly what HC is going for?

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  • Possibly what HC is going for?

    Example of Lithium site. This is one example of what is being suggested in feedback section. It is a PlayStation site based on the Lithium verision. I like the interactivity. I guess that is what they were sold on. Have a look. I don't think VB could provide that (if HC wanted seemless navigation and interactivity of areas).


    I think the HC web crew should check out other sites using the Lithium versions and compare.

    The darker shades are cool. That's why I liked the Petrucci Forum.







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    I like the darker look. Just a bit less bright white lettering and it'd be even better.
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    • Musicscotty
      Musicscotty commented
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      The selection of shades and colours on those sites are really what HC shoudl have been aiming for.

      Whilst I'm liking a lot of the new functionality of HC 3.0 I find that I only stand about 10 minutes of looking at the site before my eyes tell my brain to log out because it's too bright.


    • shredhead7
      shredhead7 commented
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      I think it looks a lot better, it's like a cool hybrid between the VB and this.

    • tristenmerritt
      tristenmerritt commented
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      I like new the new theme in blue and white, But the agree the old one was pretty impressive.

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    HKS, can you put this in the feedback forum also, sir?

    I had a signature once...