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I'm Impressed...Vox Valvetronics AD100VT


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  • I'm Impressed...Vox Valvetronics AD100VT

    Vox Valvetronics AD100VT

    100 watts.

    2x12 speakers.

    This amp kicks some serious ass......

    The 11 amp models sound great, and give me TONS of versatilty. From clean, to bluesy, to Brit Metal to Numetal, to Tweed and more.......

    The 11 effects settings sound damn good, and can be adjusted to taste.

    The chorus, phaser, comp, and tremelo are comparable to my separate pedals, and the auto Wah isn't bad. The rotary/reverb setting is also very good, IMHO.

    I'm kicking my Blues Deluxe to the spare room, this thing is TOOOOOO much fun.

    I can adjust the wattage from 100 down to whatever level I want. I can have the settings and gain maxed out, and still play at a comfortable small room volume, and it all still sounds great.

    I highly recommend you guys give this amp a test drive, and see for yourself. To say I'm impressed would be an understatement. I'm not a professional, just a guy who plays guitar at home, so YMMV, of course...

    Costs $549 at quite a few places.

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    Those are very nice amps. I think Vox has chosen a very good user interface for those as well as not trying to stuff them full of unnecessary features like Line6 does. Instead of 100 amp models, the whole range of tones is well covered by what the Valvetronix amps have. The only issue I have with them is having the controls in the back. I don't know why amp manufacturers still do that, it's not good from the usability point of view.

    I'm pondering whether I should get the AD15VT or the AD30VT for an amp to take when visiting relatives or traveling. On one hand the AD15VT would be more handy due to being smaller, but the AD30VT has the wattage control knob...

    I've tried the bigger AD60VT and AD120VT as well as the AD30, I really need to give the AD15VT a go. If someone has tried both the 15 and 30, do you feel the wattage control makes a big difference?
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      THe wattage control makes a big difference: I have an ad50vt and always have my master on full with the wattage control providing the control over my overall volume.
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        I love my AD30VT.

        I'm mainly a living room player. When the wife and baby are out, I crank it up--it rattles the windows.

        I imagine the 100 watt version will curdle your milk.
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          Played thru one the other night. Dug the amp. ONly complaint is when you plug in an extension cab, it cuts the main speakers off. Other than that, the amp is GREAT.
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          Originally posted by Anderton

          thought rather than wait for someone else to start that topic, I'd do it myself. Here's why.

          I have talked with Rob and we agreed he will post in NO Amp forum threads other than the Tech Thread. If he does post in any other threads, he will be banned.

          I realize that will be a real temptation for some of you to just let loose in new threads, knowing he won't reply. Rob understands that as well, but a deal's a deal.

          As to the tech thread itself, it seems most people "get" it and aren't interested in drama, but just want their questions answered or discuss topics of interest. Already there have been some great contributions from various members of the HC community. There are links to useful resources. There's a lot of good stuff. I don't want that thread to be about Rob, James, or anyone for that matter. I want it to be a flame-free zone about amp technology, and apparently, so do a lot of you.

          But this an experiment. If the idea of a thread devoted solely to "non-denominational" tech subjects doesn't fly, or if people can't keep negative aspects of their personalities out of it, I see no need to subject anyone, especially the HC community, to an untenable situation. At that point I would archive the useful information and close the thread.

          Let's turn down the volume for a couple weeks and see what happens. Nothing is set in stone. All I care about is a site that takes care of people's needs. A lot of you feel that a dedicated tech thread is a useful addition. I think so too; time will tell. [/QUOTE]


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            im getting ready to put my 60w 1x12 valetronix on ebay as soon as i get a box big enough for the pedalboard.
            not that i dont like it..but i like tubes better
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              I have the VOX AD50VT 212 ---- I'm A Fender Pro Reverb guy, Use Pedals and a Tele... I really Love this amp as an option to carrying that heavy tube amp everywhere.. The On-board effects and distortions arnt that great or efficient during a gig...  Im sure the AD100VT is LOUD.... But this 50 is loud enough for small gigs with a loud drummer if....

              1- Uses Pedals right in the front. this amp is Great. (I use Tc Electronics stuff) and a boss SUPER Overdrive. I dont have to change a thing between my Two Bands But My Guitar... Use my active guitar with the rockband,, and Tele with the country Band.. Awesome..

              2 - Cut a Large HOLE in the back, let the speakers Breath.. Made a HUGE difference, almost sold this amp b4 i tried this... I'm Just not sure if the original speakers will sound better because I have replaced the stock speakers with Celestions G12S-50's 16 ohm parallel at 8 ohm load..  So, try it by removing the entire back first and see... seriously made mine WAY better

              3 - Replace the speakers With any Higher quality speakers around 50 watts 16 ohm... But I have run this baby hard at 4 , 8, and 16 ohm loads... powered my 16 ohm 4x12 greenback very nicely for many gigs.. and ran a pair of Celestion G12F-60's 8 Ohms paralleled at 4 ohms for a year.. and it was amazing,, had a hard time deciding to swap them out,, But Needed the 8 ohm speakers in My FENDER because it needs to run at 4 ohm to get BA..

              4 - The Handle WILL break, Be careful