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    I've been recently hearing good things about them, and considering picking one up. I'm mainly a strat guy, and my brother has an Epi LP I play every once in a while but I don't dig it. The s2000's interest me particularly.

    So who's played them? How are they? Are they substantially better than Epi's? I hear they are sort of undiscovered jems.

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    Well I'm a bit biased. I've got a deal with them for their hollows and semihollows. Chris (one of the owners) is a great guy. They do independent overseas production the right way. They have dumped some of their factories 'over there' due to inconsistent quality. And that put a serious crimp in their numbers, but they are dedicated to doing it right. They do set up here in the U.S. and use 1 piece necks on most of their stuff, and they pot their pickups, and spend a lot of tweak time designing them. Not so with most overseas manufacturers. They really do want to do it right and are serious about 'affordable tone.' Some of the early stuff from the mid 90's is a little sketchy tho' (when United Sales Associates owned them).

    Their bread and butter is cheap strats and paul copies to compete with squires. But they have some great no nonsense pro guitars in their line that are affordable. The J series (Jerry Ried tele stuff) and the MTP (PRS style) and MTA (semi hollows and hollows) series are cool, well built stuff. I feel that they are a cut above anything epi in the same price point.

    I came to them by stumbling on a piece, playing it, and going "How much?" I couldn't believe it. I have a tobacco sunburst MTA 700 thin hollowbody strung with flats for jazz gigs. Amazing piece. I also have a MTA 500 with an exclusive honey finish that I use for blues and some rock stuff. 335 mid honk for DAYS. I've used these guitars on countless sessions and gigs. They are real workhorses. I work with this company cuz I seriously LOOOOVE their stuff, and I really respect the guys that run the thing.

    Good luck!!!!
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      Fair enough. I wouldn't be buying new so I'll take your advice as needed. Just looking for info on how they feel and sounds. Mainly the s2000/2002


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          I picked up a new MIK Tradition guitar. The Michael Anthony Batio edition on the cheap for $199 as my local shop had them on clearance. They said that the quality went south after they switched factories so he's discontinuing them.  Solid, 24 fret neck is really sweet, great machines, electronics feel real solid and it eats my Ibanez RG and AR250 for lunchTradition\_Guitar\_4ef25760dae51.jpg. Nice natural quilted maple finish. Couldn't pass it up for $199. How much do these guitars go for retail?

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        Holy blast from the past. I logged in and saw this thread...thought someone hacked my account