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Just picked up my Godin Redline I


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    CREAM city - how appropriate!!

    fap fap fap

    Yes, it's a great looking guitar. I think it would look even better if they used a 6 in-line headstock but oh well, it looks good as is.


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      HNGD Billy! Glad you're liking it! My SD was the 2nd electric I ever bought. You guys were the ones that vouched for Godin as I knew jack squat about them (hell, I still know jack squat). Its a great guitar and I honestly gas for their stuff more than about any other brand.

      I'm just sad its relatively hard to come by where you can actually try it out first.

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        congrats! I just got a Godin too! xtsa


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          same reason a silver jubilee 1/2 stack came home with me for $923 out the door. I am still in disbelief. this was only a couple years ago.

          ...what the ****************?


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            ...what the ****************?


            They had a 1987 2555 with matching 4x12 marked for $1200 in the used section. I played it and it was awesome. Offered them $800 out the door to be a dick. Surprisingly they came back with $1000 out the door, and I gave them my band's tax ID number to knock the tax off. $923 on the Visa and it came home with me.

            The sales guy said a customer traded it in the previous night stipulating he wanted an acoustic guitar and a couple hundred bucks.

            It's been awesome ever since.


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              Billy you know the rules. Now, graphs or it's a Bugera!
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              Rocking the spandex AND the depends!


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                pics, you ****************ing ****************************************


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                  I wish we had guitar center over here so i could rinse the **************** out of them!

                  The best deals i've ever had were a Mesa Tremoverb head, bought for
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                    googled....sick back contour is sick
                    great deals with Urinate Forever and stratedge09

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                    Cheers, Lucius.

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                      pics, you ****************ing ****************************************

                      calm the **************** down I was at work goddammit

                      anyway, I suck at indoor pics.. but here we go



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                        Cool man!! I've always wanted to try one of those.


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                          ****************in' nice, Billy!

                          HNGD! Congrats. (slinks off to ebay)

                          *Edit: just got back from ebay. You got a smokin ****************ing deal bro!
                          Good deals with:

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                            ****************in' nice, Billy!

                            HNGD! Congrats. (slinks off to ebay)

                            *Edit: just got back from ebay. You got a smokin ****************ing deal bro!

                            I know.. **************** you can barely buy a squier for that price


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                              Congrats! I have 2 Godins... a Radiator and an A6.... sold my Freeway Classic in the hopes of one day snagging a Velocity. Very cool guitars that are complete steals on the used marketplace!
                              FS/T-- (all prices PP Gift and Shipped)

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                              Lee Jackson Crate Stealth 100--$325
                              Marshall Artist 3203 Head--$500
                              EQD Monarch OD Distortion Pedal---$110
                              EQD White Light OD Pedal---$100
                              EQD Hoof Fuzz 4 knob--$110




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                                Congrats! My only Godin these days is a 5th Avenue (which I ) but I really want one of the LGXT models and a Glissentar...

                                That's an awesome price too.

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