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blackstar ht100 vs marshall TSL


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  • blackstar ht100 vs marshall TSL

                   Im just trying to get everyone elses opinion on tone between the blackstar ht100, which I just ordered to get rid of my Marshall TSL 122. I thought it  to be garbage I loved it when I first bought the thing but the longer I had it the more pain it became. I'm playing through a Gibson les Paul studio 91' with tom Anderson HT+1 humbuckers in it I have a pretty unique sound that I go for.

                 Although I do like classic Marshall here and there for covers I like the British tone with a tight low end I play everything from led zeppelin , 80's hair metal and some current hard rock like three days grace and such. So in all what does everyone think would be the best option for me I just don't think the TSL had enough gain for pinch harmonics and other songs open to all opinions and amp suggestions thanks everyone.

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    Most modern sounds are boosted. At least they are when I play them on my JCM800. The Blackstar's I've heard have more gain on tap, so it will probably be a more versatile amp for your situation.


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      I would say get a DSL, then the TSL.

      I like blackstar amps but Marshalls sound just a bit better and the mid range is more intune with the stuff you want to do. 

      Blackstars just sound too modern to be honest.


      Edit I just noticed it's the combo, sell it the combo's suck get the head. we have gone there, please follow!!!Rememberhttp://www.guitarampboard.comYes that's right^_^ ^_^


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        I've never tried the HT100 and can only speak for the Blackstar HT-5, but I liked it with a boost, and it sounds like that's what would help the TSL, as well.