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Here's the Deal with the Bleep Thing. Yes It Sucks, but for More Reasons than You Might Think

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  • Here's the Deal with the Bleep Thing. Yes It Sucks, but for More Reasons than You Might Think

    You can thank Google for the language censor. They have flagged us as having "offensive content" and because of that, prevented us from serving particular ads, and it's quite a few of them (and we kinda have to have ads to pay the bills).  As we don't have enough mods to clean things up to their standards, we put in the filter. So our choices are either more mods dedicated to cleaning things up, not paying the bills, trying to talk sense to Google (good luck with that), or putting in a filter. Agreed - it sux, but so do the choices.


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    mmm.  business reasons.


    curious, do you have particular guidelines so you know the filter will get you off the offensive content list?

    edit: if i understand correctly google is providing their approved filter here.. yes?


    we've gone corporate


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      Billy hit the nail on the head.

      HC is destroyed.

    • Anderton
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      extollo wrote:

      mmm.  business reasons.

      curious, do you have particular guidelines so you know the filter will get you off the offensive content list?

      edit: if i understand correctly google is providing their approved filter here.. yes?


      we've gone corporate

      This site has never made money. The "business reasons" are to try and reduce how much it loses.

      Google was VERY arbitrary and the first time they flagged us was for one of the threads (I think it was in amps) that just had pictures of pretty women. None of them were x-rated, hell, none of them were R-rated. They sent us their "guidelines" which are bull****************. They said we couldn't run pictures of women in "sexually suggestive poses" and I wrote back that would also censor most guitar company ads. They have been totally vague. Frankly, you'll have a better and more fun time being audited by the IRS than being audited by Google.

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    I could also thank you guys for slowly but surely killing Harmony Central.  This was a great and functioning community until MF took over and the bean counters started to make decisions.

    I would love to see how bills are going to get paid once everyone leaves.  

    Word censoring on user posts is a disgrace because you may not know this, but the uncensored reviews and discussions we have here were the ESSENCE of what made this site special.

     Censoring users to favor Google or any other advertisement is horrible.  All that was needed is to fix the VBulletin forum and make the User Reviews section easier to read and post on.  We TOLD you this over and over again, yet you decide to ignore the wishes of the VAST majority of this community to go into your new platform that is supposed to bring you more revenue.  Absolutely ridiculous. I've been a HC user since the 90's and NOT ONCE I came here to read your "pro" reviews or to see any new forum technology. Its the USERS of this site and their freedom to express their thoughts without censorship that kept me and many others coming back and being patient and supportive.  


    In retribution to our years of support, you guys decided to:


    1- ignore the desires of the community to stay on the same format, just without the errors (don't tell me it's not possible, other sites do it with the same amoutn of traffic.  Just because YOU are not capable of running a solid vBulletin site, it doesn't mean it is impossible to do so. It just mean YOU can't do it.)

    2- censor what members can or cannot say on the site to favor ad revenue.


    Yeah, thank you very much.  HC is dying and you guys are to blame. What a shame this once great site fell into prey of corporate greed. 




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      Listen, you can blame me all you want, but I'm the person (along with the other mods) who tries to advocate for the community. I'm the one who got MF to switch back to vBulletin after the Jive fiasco, I was the one sending frantic email messages before Jive launched saying it wasn't ready and not to launch it, I'm the one who said this site needed more time before going public so the mods could beat up on it and find problems, I'm the one who said put a 5% gray screen behind the fonts and make them darker, I'm the one who said that people having to get their user names back manually would be a huge deal, and I'm the one who went into the system and personally reset Marshredder's user name so he could have his user name and post count back.

      Bitching at me doesn't do any good, I'm not driving the site, I'm the Editor in Chief and I'm in charge of producing content. Go bitch in the feedback forum, where the people who you want to have listen to you will listen to you.


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    Reviews? Demos?


    PGS and Gearwire have more hits on YouTube. If the new format allows for more gear demos then I'll gladly accept it. 


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      Hey that was clever.. No ones done the "*bleep* ,*bleep* bleeping *bleep*" thing yet..

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        It ain't so bad!!:cattongue:


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            That said, my avatar of Martin Whitmarsh eating an icecream is disappointingly small.

            Originally Posted by Norton666 (15/07/2009)

            Give it 6 months and the Axe-Fx will be mentioned in the same sentence as the Johnson Millenium stuff.


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              Anderton, how about personally resetting my user name too?
              I sent you a PM on it.



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                  IDK, I'm not one that is going to p!ss and moan about change or new directions . Happens every year at work.

                  I'm a conservative so many I know here should be welcoming change! Not sure what's up with that. lol.

                  It is what it is. If this is their direction, maybe instead of complaining, why not just see if they can improve the things needed.

                  The language filters are becoming all too common in many forums especially owned by retail.


                  I can understand their point and what was easily gotten away with before isn't so easy. This is not a private ran site. 

                  It's business owned. With that, comes certain discretionary matters on content provisions made. I said this before:

                  See if Sweetwater or AMS' forum has the same provisions HC has had (which may have cost MF a lot of money supporting).

                  I don't know the particulars but have been in high enough exec positions to understand their thinking.

                  Google making this site have poor marks is NOT a good thing. Seems initially HC tried to improve that ranking by taking down 

                  certain content that may have been objectionable or offensive. We have seen the GC/MF retail problems. We visit their forum

                  and at the same time drive retail markets elsewhere? Then want them to not change things? 


                  In their minds, they may figure hey it's change. No more anything goes. In order to gain a respectful sponsorship they must?

                  Might be bad for users here, but they must figure HC's user base will grow again.


                  FWIW I am a huge fan of the articles and reviews. Pro and other. They have been essential in many of my purchases.

                  So have many from SOS articles and I also am a huge fan of the videos, articles Craig Anderton has provided in many 

                  areas of gear and software purchases in the past 15 years or so. CA doesnt run this show. 


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                    The censoring only applies to posts.


                    See sig.


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                      It's awesome hanging out on a forum run by a bunch of corporate dickwads. /sarcasm


                      Seriously, guys GTFO of here and get over to It's the new HCAF. If you sit around and just take it from behind everytime MF screws with this site, you are enabling them and have no one to blame but yourselves.


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                        Thanks for answering Anderton. Don't take it so personally, people aren't **bleep** at you but "the powers that be".


                        At least the forum software is reasonably bug free (meaning you're not getting any real errors, though some situations can cause a bit wierd stuff), it's just that whoever was responsible for the visuals and UI design should get a swift kick in the **bleep**. It's just so obviously not working well and is so obviously inconsistent that it should've never been released with a proper rethinking of how the system is presented.

                        I did this in about five minutes:


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                          I like pie.
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                            soundgardener75 wrote:
                            I like pie.