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Got a fire breathin' Bugera 333XL 2009 version to... KKAAAPPPPOOOOWWWWWWWIE!!!!

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  • Got a fire breathin' Bugera 333XL 2009 version to... KKAAAPPPPOOOOWWWWWWWIE!!!!

    I traded a guitar I hated (MIM Tele that I could never bond with) for it and was glad to be rid of it. I was well aware of Bugeras problems of unreliability. The guy who traded it to me said he was having issues with it and had just retubbed it with JJ EL-34s and 12AX7s. I took it home and hooked it up a 16 ohm cabinet and loved the sounds it was capable of. It has a truly great clean channel and the crunch channel is actually quite good. I went to use it a a little while later and got the infamous power lights on and no power tube glow. Well Well Well I thought I know the tubes this guy bought were unnesecerry (but I was glad as they were swapped out for the el-cheapo Chineese tubes for JJs which probably cost a pretty penny. AND I knew the twenty minute fix for this amp that fixes these power supply problems once and for all turning this amp into one of the true "bargains" in the amp world.
    The secondary power supply and heater wires were attached with a very underrated molex connector and there was a burnt spot on it. This is a well known issue with these Bugera amps and it killed their reputation for the most part. But it is easily fixable. I just soldered the wires to the pins of the connector and all was up and running fine within twenty minutes. Then I decided to remove the small board that the Primary leads attach to the wall current and removed that plug for a hardwire too to prevent that from failing in the future. Now tha amp is very very great sounding and I needn't worry about the dreaded "Bugera explosion" any time soon. I'm happy and do find the 333 to be a fine albeit high gain amp with a respectable clean channel.
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    Yeah that was one area Bugera failed when using another Peavey idea. Peavey just used better connectors. Hardwire those ps wires and you are good to go. What cracks me up is on their 5150 version they didn't copy Peavey ribbons to the preamp and power boards. 


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      I've heard some good and even great-sounding clips with their XXX and 5150 copy amps, though the 5150 combo copy sounded pretty bad to me and a friend of mine when we tried it out whereas I'd played a few 5150 combos and liked each of those a lot. Because of the good clips I'd heard, I'm assuming that one was a dud.

      Glad to hear you got it fixed and have some good tubes. 8)