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Orange OR50 vs Marshall 2203KK


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  • Orange OR50 vs Marshall 2203KK

    So I'm looking for a new amp, and have had my eye on the Orange OR50 for a long time. 
    However, there's somebody nearby selling his Marshall JCM 800 2203KK Kerry King sig head. 

    Which one would you prefer?
    Just so you know, I'll use it for this style (this is actually my band): 


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    GOOD DEALS WITH : Let It Burn... x2, Kayzer x2

    Originally Posted by Reaganomics!

    You're on the internet dude. don't try to think rationally about why you don't like something. Just talk condescending to everybody about it, and later that night stroke your dick while wimpering "meh, meh, meh, meh, I don't get it, meh meh meh, this similar but less popular artist is better, meh meh meh"

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    Your stuff is more in 2203KK territory unless you boost the OR50.


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      I'd probably go for a Marshall, but not that one. get a real one...... a Super Bass, Super Lead or an old JCM800/JMP 2203.