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Bare Knuckle Trilogy Suite pickup set EXCELLENT!!

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  • Bare Knuckle Trilogy Suite pickup set EXCELLENT!!

      These pickups are super awesome. They have a 'wet' sound to them. Powerful, woody and neo-classical sounding. If you have a Stratocaster that is set up nicely and maintains it's playability and can handle rough use,  these pickups 'read' your attack and make your playing very expressive. Give them a try,  you will like them. Get the middle pickup reverse wound and put plating on the bottom of all three. Don't copper shield the pickup cavities. I bought a Jeff beck wiring harness that was pre wired with tone control for all three positions. Float cut wiring method mounted on an aluminum plate. Polyurethane film .22mfd(modern linear capacitor. Not paper/oil or ceramic). Your Paganini licks will just melt your guitar soul. I previously put a Fender Custom Shop strat together using a set of Slow-Hands. I really liked the hot vintage sound. So I decided to use the Trilogy Suites in a '62 reissue relic Fender custom shop project. The guitar is like an electric violin with vintage Stratocaster appeal. The Trilogy Suite set is very 'pick-attack' sensitive. Reads your every move and melts it into a 'watery',  classy tone of modern-vintage integrity. 

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