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Peavey Classic not quite metal enough

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  • Peavey Classic not quite metal enough

    I've got an 80s Peavey classic 50 head with a 2-12 celestion v30 cab.  The dirty channel sounds good for classic rock but when I want to crank it up, I get a a loss of gain and an edge that kills the ear.  I've tried a route 808 tubescreamer but it gets too garbled up and out of control before 12 O clock.  I love the sound of the Tubemeister tone and gain but I'm not fortunate enough to afford one.  Is there a preamp or pedal to get this smooth controled tone or shoud I just try to sell and hope for the best?

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    Yeah, the Classic is really a rock amp. If you want metal your much better off going with a Triple XXX or a 5150/6505.

    Also, did you try turning the gain down on the Tube screamer and the volume up?





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      I've tried it at lower pre gain settings but then it does not reach the sound I'm looking for.  I  get some perfect sounds from my mustang 1,  but I need the volume to play with my drummer.  Some may say I should just get the bigger mustang v, but I'd like to get my distortion from tubes and I question the reliability of digital amps.

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    It's a good amp, and the clean channel loves pedals.

    If you can find the cash for a good distortion pedal, you should be able to do metal with no problem.


    The new Mesa pedals look very promising, and if you add one of those, you'd have a very versatile rig that could last you a long time.




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      Yup, set the amp clean, like acoustic clean, get your drive from a distortion or preamp pedal.

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    I've had a couple Classic 50s (4x10 and 2x12 combos) and I had good success using a Visual Sound Jeckyl & Hyde into the clean channel for really heavy stuff. 

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