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    ...does anyone know anything about it? Very little information on it on the web...Thanks!

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    The only review at MF was pretty scary:
    "Comments about Randall T2 Series T2HL 100W Guitar Amp Head:

    "I can't believe they are still offering this amp with this picture. If the picture is of the black-faced amp with the green "T2", watch out. That is the 400 watt version of this amp. The 100 watt version is actually the T2 HLE which has a silver face, chicken-head knobs, and is a full-on POS. Harsh you say? Well, I ordered one. They delivered it, and it was NOT the black-faced amp with the green T2. It was the silver-faced amp with a blue T2, it had no stand-by switched, it sounded like a tube amp stuck in a cardboard box, and after 20 minutes, the power diminished slowly to almost an inaudible range. After cycling the power switch, this amp did the same thing over and over. So I sent it back for a replacement. After 10 days, got a replacement - yet another silver-face T2 HLE with the chicken knobs and no stand-by switch. Turned it on, played it, and 20 minutes later, the power diminished to almost zero. Exact same thing. I will never, ever, buy another Randall product as long as I live. Bought a Jet City JCA100H head instead, and couldn't be happier! Fair warning, bros."

    Hopefully you'll find a number of reviews (and clips) to compare. If not, it may be worth waiting until more reviews show up. At least there's a pretty good variety of decent cheap tube amps available to choose from at the moment if things don't look up for this one. 8)

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