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Marshall DSL cirucut board replacement


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  • Marshall DSL cirucut board replacement

    I have a Marshall DSL 100 watt head circa 98' original owner.  OVer the past few years

    I have had bad luck with tubes/sockets etc.  I have found out that the output board(part #201 I think)

    was made too thin until around 2003/2004 which causes the board after a period of time to

    just shoot voltage every which way. SOme have said this is more common with a TSL.  I have even had tube melt---yes melt onto the board.  I have ordered a new board and was wondering how difficult this is to install.(i can do minor sodering).  And, If I still need to have the amped rebiased even with matched tube sets?



    Thank you

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    Try contacting Marshall or a factory authorized service center. I know there was an issue with some TSL circuit boards that caused the bias to skyrocket and melt tubes. Not sure about DSL's. I was a tech at a repair shop a while back and remember replacing PCB's under warranty.


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      Clean the unit out with compressed air. Take pics with good lighting and check the exposures before you even think about taking it apart. You want a very good visual reference.

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      Yes i have heard from a another tech that it happened in the TSL models. but y DSL is doing the same problem - the bias floats around becasue of the thin board then overheats and blows out tubes...I have had 3 tech repair it with new sockets and capacitors --this is my last resort