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Just for the hell of it...Demo from my old Band, 1995

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  • Just for the hell of it...Demo from my old Band, 1995

    Found this and just for the hell of it I figured I post it... Rough!

    My old band Z'Kazan. 4-track Cassette demo... We were active in St Louis and then Dallas

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    Brings back fond memories of tape trading and buying demos at shows and **************** back then. Definitely some bad clipping going on with the vocal track, but overall I have heard WAY worse 4 track stuff. It is amazing how much more accessible and powerful entry level recording stuff is these days with the benefit of computers, but you could have some real fun with a ****************ty Alesis 4 track...


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      Sounds pretty tight.


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        Hey, I used to go to your shows. I lost all my demo tapes in a car theft. The link didn't work. You wouldn't happen to have it again would you?


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          Oh, if you have any of the others from that era that would be great too! Dunwich, MonSewer Rat, etc. I do have Madman with a headrush though... Only one that survived.


          • Lance-a-not
            Lance-a-not commented
            Editing a comment
            Sorry, I pulled the song...
            This was from the Dallas version of Z'Kazan, I have some of those. The older Z'Kazan stuff has never made it out of cassette, I don't really have a way to get it to mp3 form. Sorry!!

            I wish I had the old Monsewer Rat stuff, Those guys were uber talented and good song writers

            If you can figure out a way to private message me
            your contact info I'll drop you a line if I put up some more (I can't figure it out, and I don't really come here much)

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          Sounds Great!

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