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    Anyone else here have a Lil Dawg? I've had my Champster Special for about 3 months now and I can't quit going to it whenever I play. What a great little amp! Just curious to know if anyone else here has one and which model.
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    ....oh you were serious?

    Originally Posted by thegumbootman

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      They are great amps. They won't get much discussion on HCAF since it because a Brewtallz Tonze Onlyz forum a couple years ago...
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        I got one of those 5E3 Dlux Chasis from lil Dawg and had my friend build a custom cab for me. Awesome tone with tube versatility. I even had a chance to meet Jim and the Lil Dawg. I like the 5y3 / 6v6 set up. Tone for days! dlux004.JPG

        Why don't they discuss these?

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      Dang right I'm serious. I'm also new here and don't get what "Brewtallz Toonze Onlyz" means.
      If you're gonna be a Bear, be a GRIZZLY!!!!