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OT: Tablets.. Nexus vs Galaxy, etc.???


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  • OT: Tablets.. Nexus vs Galaxy, etc.???

    Looking into getting a 10" pad of some sort... & seems like there are a lot of them running an Android system.. what are the main differences between say a Nexus, Galaxy, or whatever?

    Basicaly I want WiFi (dont need 3/4g).  

    Any advice on what to seek or avoid?


    Use: Basic web browsing, business, light gameplay, casual media.  Havent considered recording with it, but I wouldnt be opposed to it..

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    The Samsung tablets are kinda crap IMO. Too low resolution for screen size. Right now the Nexus 10 and 7 seem to be the best choices on Android.

    iPad pretty much has all the music apps, the selection in that area is much worse on Android tablets.
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      I tried a bunch out. Went with the ASUS Transformer. With the kb attachment I get about 16 hrs of use, it's like a laptop. Then I can detach from the kb base and use as a tablet.

      I travel often, as in weekly. Many people at airports, hotels have commented how cool the TF series is. 

      Music stuff is coming for Android. A lot of Android music hype at NAMM this year. There was one guy demoing a phone app for guitar on Android. Seem to have fixed the latency issues. Reports are are as low as 12 msec. That is really good.

      Problem for Android is the products (tablets, phones) are not exclusive to branding. Apple is, so its easy to create a bunch of things and third party accessories. Things musicians and consumers would use.

      Problem with that is, it holds the product to a specific form. Look at the people bitching they have to go back to a former ipad version for it to work with certain acessories made for it. That will continue to happen. Many companies with these pads as dongles have been hearing **************** from end users because basically support for them has reached max shelf life (appx 18 mos). Apple wants to move on, not support **************** made for previous versions. That's what is pissing off a ton of users.

      Just imagine the amount of mixers, floor guitar pedals like ipb-10, recording hardware that are all dongles for this stuff. In just a few years that **************** is only as good as the support for the tablet. Problem is music gear doesn't maintain the pace the computer industry does. Most people buying this tablet dongled gear fail to realize that.

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    I went with the ASUS ICONA.......micro SD slot lets you expand memory and MicroHDMI out were features that the Nexus DOSEN'T HAVE.


    Love mine.