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Low wattage amp heads for jammin wit band

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  • Low wattage amp heads for jammin wit band

    Hey all, I'm looking into getting a 2x10 cab built, and looking at some of the lower wattage amp heads like the h&k tubemeister 18, or a jet city city 20 watter or even a Mesa mini rectifier at 25 watts. Now I know these are are great for recording, but can I use one of the to jam wit my band. We are a real grungy 3 piece, kinda nirvana or shellac- ish, and just jam in my lil basement jam room, maybe get out and eventually hit a local club or two. Are these amps up to the task... I know the difference isn't so much volume as it is headroom but will they keep up?
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    All of those will deafen you and include the ignator rebel 20 amp.
    Yep to all.
    A 2x12" speaker cabinet pushes more sound and is louder.
    You would be amazed with a 4x12" cabinet, the more air u move the louder !
    But a 2x12" cabinet with eminence wizards and a rebel 20 is badass and gets overdrive and power tube distortion going and becomes a instrument itself.

    When ordering or buying power tubes ask for a high Ip or milliamp draw tube set.
    Your gonna need to learn how to bias those little amps too.
    Cause you gonna pushum hard !


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      Yes I did forget about the egnator tho I'm lookin at the rebel 30 just cause its a two channel. I'd like to stick to the two tens just cuz I like compact setups but maybe even a 4x10 cab would be pretty cool. Thanks for your insight.

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    Ht20 would fit your bill
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