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Update: Fender Champ tube problem

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  • Update: Fender Champ tube problem

    I have a Silverface Champ with the original from factory tubes. I played it yesterday and the sound/volume cut in and out and fades. So I figure it's the power tube. I have many 12ax7's for a replacement and also a 5Y3GT for the rectifier. I have about half a dozen NOS 6v6 tubes. I plugged in the 12ax7, 5Y3GT and the 6v6. All the tube lit up with no problem. But there was no sound what so ever.

    Troubleshooting, I unplugged the 6v6 and put the old one back in. Sound came in with no problem. I know that pretty much all 6v6's are the same and can be used with no problem. But what would cause one to produce sound, and the other that produces none?


    Update: I bought a new EH 6V6GT, to avoid any possible chance that my NOS tubes are broken.

    I plugged it in and the 5Y3GT and the 12AX7 light up, the power indicator comes on aswell, however the brand new 6V6GT does not, along with no sound output.

    But with the original tube plugged in, all 3 tubes power up, indicator light comes on, along with sound.


    Any more ideas? 

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    Bad tube, bad tube socket, bad connection going to socket from power supply. 


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      dirty tube tube sockett or pins is probable i think.
      Deoxit cleans well with the tiny brushes they sell.
      Plug a worn tube in and out a few times while off,then try a good tube !