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    Quote Originally Posted by jds22
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    So with treatment will you get some relief?

    I hope so. My rheumatologist says that it will take 3 to 6 months before my muscle strength returns. The inflamation in my joints and skin issues should go away pretty quickly. Basically with treatment, I should love a long healthy life (minus the side effects of the meds). The meds he's going to put me on is prednizone for a few months and methotextrate (very very light chemo therapy in pill form).

    While I'm not too excited about the type of treatment, I am excited to not have a fever two to three times a day, I am excited to be able to use my hands again to play guitar, open water bottles and hold or pick up items. And in the near future I'm excited to have some muscle strength return. I'll be on the treatment my entire life unless the disease goes into remission.

    There are some alternative methods, such as changing my diet (which I've already started) and more homeopathic therapies that I'll consider doing along side the drug therapy.


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      Quote Originally Posted by soundgardener75
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      I was a sickly n00b back in the 3rd World, I've had those major illnesses already. While it sucked, I am VERY fortunate that I have never broke a bone in my body, although sciatica is a bitch.

      Great news Chuck!

      Thanks broseph.


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        Quote Originally Posted by linthat22
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        Mojo dude, but I'm pretty sure with a higher post count, those symptoms will diminish if not go away altogether.

        I'm sure.


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          I had a plumbing disaster back in August of 2010 and was exposed to black mold. About a week later I came down with a viral throat infection that kicked my ass up, down and sideways. It was only on the right side of my throat, but felt like someone was constantly holding a Bernz-A-Matic torch to the back of my throat. I made a couple of trips to the doctor and one trip to the ER. It was easily the worst and most sick I have ever felt. If I could have, I would have given all my money to turn it into strep throat. Nothing would soothe it. Now, I am the kind of guy that won't even take cold medicine. But in the ER, I allowed them to give me morphine in the hopes I'd get some relief. It did nothing. I missed a week of work and when I went back, I was still far from cured(I wasn't contagious). It took about 2 months to feel kind of normal. Then a few more to feel strong and able again. I still, to this day, occasionally feel residual effects.

          The worst part was the Crycko-Pharyngeal throat spasm I got for months afterwards. Imagine trying to take a sip of something and having it come spraying out of your mouth because your throat is all of the sudden epileptic. I thought I was going to choke to death a couple of times because of the spasms. Scared the **************** out of me.

          To this day, I feel like that illness changed my body and immune system. I'm healthy as a Ox now, but always feel just a bit off. Although, it did get me to quit smoking.

          I hope you make it through ok man. Mojo.
          Look how hard my heart hurts.
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          Originally Posted by Neilrocks25

          I haven't been drunk on sale for a long time either.

          Originally Posted by telephant

          You sound like an uptight loser and I suspect you have a lot less friends than you claim. Also, your wife is probably a fatty.


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            That sucks man. Hope you're feeling better for Christmas!

            Looks like others in this thread have some conditions I would hate to have. I have to live with Duhring's disease and central serous retinopathy both treatable but just a pain in the ass. I've learned to live with it and just got used to it over time.

            Educate your self about your condition so you'll understand what to expect and how to conquer it. The better off you'll be.
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              my health problem is that I'm fat...also a treatable condition. Hope you get better
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                i have never expiriance about this deases but hear alot about this. diet is a great way to boost antioxidants and vitamins which increase immune system function and help to prevent pneumonia. Try to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, particularly dark, leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and broccol.


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