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Engl E530 effects loop... volume regulated?


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  • Engl E530 effects loop... volume regulated?

    So I'm trying to figure out a volume boost for solos. I built a lpb-1 clone to put in the effects loop of my engl for a huge clean boost, as the 'solo boost' built into the amp does hardly anything. I tested the boost through my at home rig.. an old marshall 3203. it was exactly what i needed, and literally just about probably doubled my volume if i maxed the pot. 

    then i get to band rehearsal to try it in my actual rig.. my Engl. and it doesn't work. no matter where i set the pot (volume knob), the volume was the same, and it was slightly lower than if I had the effect switched off. I thought maybe the pedal broke.. but I threw it in front of the amp and the volume knob was working again. So what's going on that its not working in the loop? I need a way to boost this. 

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    I'm not sure, but if you could put the boost between the preamp and poweramp (a seperate one) it'll probably work really well there and is where I always used an eq with my Rockmaster pre and Classic 120 poweramp. The eq pedal there definitely could easily make the volume jump up.
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      i never even considered that. can i do that without harming either the pre or power? i suppose i would just use two regular instrument patch cables to run it from the pre to power?