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Straight Trade - Randall RH 100 for Marshall JVM 210H

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  • Straight Trade - Randall RH 100 for Marshall JVM 210H

    Hey Everyone. 


                  So pretty much the title says it all, I have a Randall RH100 G2 head  and a Friend of mine is wanting to trade it for his Marshall JVM 210H. Would you guys take this trade? I like how the randall sounds but am very curious on how the JVM sound compared to it. I heard some clips on Youtube but I would like to hear some of your thoughts on the amp. 


    Thanks for your help !!



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    I have not owned either amp....but it sounds like an interesting diemma. Both are good amps.


    Can't you just check it out?


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      Take the Marshall, and don't look back.
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        Why have you not done this trade? That is a smoking trade!