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Scumback in 1x12 sealed cab.

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  • Scumback in 1x12 sealed cab.

    I love the greenback sound but I don't wanna have to buy a 4x12 cab. I like my setups to be compact. So I've come across the scumback and I can even get them in a higher power rating, like 65 watts, unlike the 25 watts of a GB. I know the greenback isn't supposed to sound so good in a 1X12 configuration. How would a scumback fair off in a 1x12 sealed cab?
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    I've seen a few 112 with SB drivers. Not quite a V30, but not as harsh either. I think you will like them.


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      I have a Scumback H75, 65 watter, in a custom built 24"x13"x 15" 1x12 closed back oversized cab and it sounds stellar with hi gain and crunch like I like.  I pair it with another cabinet with a V30 in it sometimes for certain applications and it really sounds good too.  1x12's can be great for practice, small gigs, and recording.  Oversized closed back cabinets I think are the trick but I did have it in a big 1x12 cabinet that was too big and made it sound muffled and mushy.

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        Thanks fellas, funny you should mention the v30, as I already have one in my 1x12 VK combo. Yes, that's basically what I'll be using it for, jammin wit my band in my basement, some home project recordings and maybe a small gig here and there, hence why I'm not so interested in a big ol 4x12. Maybe if I put some cash together I'll even go for a 2x12 scumback set up.
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          I have a M75 loaded 2x12, BM75 loaded 2x12 and H75 loaded ported 1x12.   IMO it's hard to go wrong with these.


          Coming from a V30 though you're probably going to initially find the top end lacking, but stay with it and let your ears adjust.

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        Hey thanks again for the input fellas, Turns out on the scumback website, there is a recommendation section in which you can email Jim your set up, applications, and what sound your looking for and he'll personally respond with some recommendations. How's that for customer service! Any who, he recommended to me the scumback BM75 for a sealed 1x12 cab. So coming from the guy who makes 'em, think that's the directon I'll go.
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