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Mitt Romney destroys Harmony Central


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  • Mitt Romney destroys Harmony Central

    Guitar Center on Life Support

    - Pres. Barack Obama defeats Sen. Mitt Romney in 2012 election


    - HCAF lose their minds in a butt hurt fury of rage and delicious republican tears
    - angry HCAF members jump ship in response to poor management of HC forums


    - Mitt Romney co-founds Bain Capital
    - Bain Capital buys GC in 2007, and therefore Musicians Friend and Harmony Central.
    - In an effort to restructure GC, Bain Capital cuts pension and benefits, cuts sales staff, freezes wages and shifts IT to India.
    - GC is now 1.6 billion dollars in debt and can't afford to pay even the interest on their loans
    - GC is veering towards bankruptcy

    but obviously, Romney left Bain Capital in 2002 and probably wouldn't have had anything to do with it anyway. CAPITALISM **************** YEAH

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    Many in the other forums have returned. some still dont like the changes, but it is what it is. 


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      I blame Al Gore...if he hadn't invented the internet, none of us would be going through this pain...


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        I think that after the last election most have been too busy stocking up on weapons and ammo to talk gear

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      I blame the secret Mormon underwear ...

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