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    Hey guys,

    I wanted to ask for suggestions on a new or used head.  I'm currently playing thru a Marshall Valvestate (1993) 100w head, and it's taking a crap on me.  I used to be all about Marshall, but since I've updated my FX to a GSP rack, I have found that tubes and valves and even valve emulators tend to clash with the modeling from the rack, so I was looking for something just basic, solid state, prefer no FX (reverb ok), and maybe 2-channel, but definitely more interested in the clean channel being.. clean.  

    I'm not looking for a $2k head or anything, just local bar cover-band quality that can deliver good low and high end, and let me rack speak for itself.

    I was looking online, but can't seem to factor out all the amps with built-in effects and valve technologies, so I figured I would ask here.

    So, what's a good, solid, SS amp head out there?

    Epihpone LP and Dot.
    Fender American Strat HSS
    Blackstar Stage-100 Head, 2x12 Blackstar Cab
    Marshall 4x10 Cab
    Pedals, pedals, and more pedals. Favs include CH-1, NS-1, FlexDrive, Digitach Supernatural Reverb, Digitech Hardwire Digital Delay, MXR Carbon Copy analog delay.- WALL OF SOUND