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Turbo Rat as boost - yes/no?


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  • Turbo Rat as boost - yes/no?

    Anyone use one as a boost? The amp I'm using is a Mark IV.

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    Ive used my Rat2 as a boost. One of the cool things about Rats is the wide gain range. It can go from slightly gritty to full on sludge. Just turn the gain down low and crank the volume.


    • rushtallica
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      If it doesn't end up working out well for boosting the 2nd or lead channels, it may still be worth running full on through the clean. 8)

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    not unless your intention is to make your mesa sound like a buzzy practice amp with an 8 inch speaker turned up to 10.


    • Cirrus
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      It totally depends on your amp and how it's set as to what works best as a boost. As already said, with the gain down low and volume cranked it can do a perfectly good job as a boost. It's got the bass cut and mid focus (more singing mids than the Rat 2) that tends to kick an amp's overdrive in the right places. The Turbo also has more headroom than many pedals so you're going to get more of the pick attack coming through - it's going to be a bit less squashed sounding than a TS boost.


      Try it and see. With my AC30 my rat at low gain is infinitely preferable to my SD-1, but with my AC100 the SD-1 is much better for pushing the second channel.

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    Why post,just try the thing out .
    Do you mean should you buy it ,its up too you also.
    You dont need approval here to buy a dirt box.
    I recently bought a modest mikes modded rat and it starts cleanish and goes to breathing fire !
    And the power plug is changed to the the boss style barrel connector!
    He changes the tone caps and uses a chip with a fast slew rate that got gain and tight bass.

    It has quite a range and sounds fine for rock !


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      I love boosting an amp with a Rat . . . even a Ducetone Rat !


      I'd say, give it a go !


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      • thom
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        I know the cheap and simple options can sometimes be the best ones...

        But when you're looking for something to enhance your tone in whatever way, it wouldn't make mich sense to put an affordable solid state distortion pedal in front of a pricey high end tube amp...Just mpo.

        So I can't say I'm surprised you didn't like the Turbo Rat. It's perfect for turning your mesa into a jar of angry bees. I don't know what the general consensus about clean boosts is these days, but I'd personally try something like a SHO or a Klon clone. Lotsa guys also seem to think highly of those Xotic boosters, and I guess the Timmy also still gets a lot of love around these parts. There's zillions more ofcourse though...Happy hunting