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Splain Orange Amps to me please


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  • Splain Orange Amps to me please

    Are they just for heavy dirt or can you get that chimy/crunchy clean with a little hair on it at low to moderate stage volumes?  With a tele.

     Would I have to spring for a bigger one to do that, or would the TT or OR15 do it? 

    Maybe a certain speaker?

    Looking to replace an old single ch class A Vintage Club 2110 combo with something better. I like the simplicity of these kind of amps, and the British character.






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    Yep, the TT can do it. Dime the master and bring up the volume to where you want it gain wise. You can get a nice overtone-y, touch sensitive grit with that.


    Only problem is that you are stuck with that volume (amplitude). You can't have that tone at other volumes cuz in order to make that sucker shine, that master section has to be pushed. And it is sweet, IMHO.

    Very sensitive to speakers too. Designed to go with a v30 type speaker. I played one with a 1x12 Jensen (dunno the model) and one with a carvin 1x12 cab with a carvin speaker in it and both were no bueno.

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