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Looking for a small, low watt tube amp


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  • Looking for a small, low watt tube amp

    It's been a while since I visited this forum. If anyone  here remembers me, I'll try my best not to bring up "my old topic" .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

    Anyway, I'm looking for a small tube amp. Small in size, preferably also in price, for real low volume type of gigs (to give you an idea, coffee house type, no mic for the vocals, unamped stand- up bass, that sort of thing, jazzy blues, folk songs). I have a Fender Excelsior now which is great in many ways but just too damn heavy to carry around for me since I get to gigs on the subway.

    Also, the Excelsior, while a great sounding amp IMO is a little too biting for my ears. I play an electric balalika, there's no bass and barely any midrange to speak of from the instrument but loads of treable. It has a violin's range. There's no way I'll ever start to hear this amp breaking up even a little bit for the type of gigs I do. For this reason I've been looking at other smaller amps. I've mostly been interested in the Gretsch 5 watter, Bugera has one that also has a reverb (could be nice) and then there is the Marshall Class 5 but perhaps even more interesting lately is the Marshall 1 watter, the JTM1 (but this amp is so pricey).

    Any thoungts, hints or ideas about this? I once had a Velocette that was great, just a little too loud and perhaps just like the Excelsior a little too bright. Had a Fender Champion 600 but I never liked how that amp sounded cranked.

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    I actually had someone give me an amp from a company called Alamo. it's called an Embassy. I've looked on ebay and have found they go for pretty cheap. I tell you what Terje, it actually sounds really nice! Its a solid state preamp with a tube driver. It seems like that setup, with the tube driver, sounds much better than a lot of other products I've heard that are the other way around. The stock speaker could use an upgrade but produces a nice, full, natural sound even for what it is. I know it's an unknown brand, but if cost is a concern this one sounds great for the price point. Good luck!


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      The 5W Gretsch is just a Fender Champion 600...the Marshall Class5 is like a mini plexi and possibly too loud for your application. I have a mini JMP and while it's a cool little amp, it's pretty much a one-trick pony-while the cleans are decent, they're only available at REALLY low volume.
      Have you considered an acoustic or a bass amp? (not the acoustic brand, but an amp for acoustic guitar)

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      LeQuack: Alamo, huh? I was in San Antonio this fall visiting my step-son. We passed the Alamo but never really stopped to look. Old historic placces, not my thing.

      Anyway, sounds like it could be something and I'll check it out but I see two problems arising from the fact that I live in Sweden and that is shipping and the volts.

      It could end up pretty pricey by the time it can be plugged into the wall over here

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    Roland Cube of some sort. 60 maybe?  Use it for all sorts of things.


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      VHT Special 6

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    Silvertone 1482

    Dual 6V6 tweed toned 15w, 2 channel, tube rectified, tube driven tremolo & 12" alnico speaker. It's very light, maybe 12 lbs, and sounds like a much bigger amp. They sound fantastic. Here is a tone compilation.



    Gear Clip Page:


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      Yamaha ampI've heard some surpringly good things about this Yamaha THR 5  No personal experience with it but it can't hurt to look

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