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Eminence Legends vs Celestion Rocket 50's


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  • Eminence Legends vs Celestion Rocket 50's

    I have a Randall RS125CX cabinet with Eminence Legends. 2x12 and 1x15. I'm looking to trade my cabinet for a Laney LX412. The Laney has Celestion Rocket 50's in it.

    I was just wondering of anyone uses Rocket 50's in their amps or cabinets. If it would be a step down from the Legends in my Randall cabineg, and overall if it would be a decent trade and notba step down.

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    This shouldn't even be a question.  Rocket 50's are not good speakers.  Very thin sounding, sort of a flatter response, lack of bass response, etc.  Entry level speaker at best, probably comparable to speakers in Marshall MG cabinets.  



    Eminence Legends are GREAT speakers.

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      Mos def. the rocket 50s are just a stock speaker with the Celestion name. If you lookin for 'real' celestions go with the classic leads( I think that's what theyre called) or my pref, the vintage 30. I don't know much bout eminence but those rocket 50 s aren't doin anything for you. Speakers are what your hearing...I know, duh...but putting the money into a nice set is often overlooked but so necessary. So in short that laney cab is largely useless and not worth it, unless your gonna put the money into reloading wit some v30s or greenbacks. But that's just my opinion.
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