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Input needed: 5150 combo replacement


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  • Input needed: 5150 combo replacement

    While I am loving the tone and overall feel of my 6505 (5150) 60W 212 combo, the weight/size is starting to overshadow that.  I moved to the city recently, and as such, opportunities to play out are more abundant.  The 6505 isn't that friendly for it - 100# or so and BIG.

    I LOVE the gain/brutality/punch of my amp, and it's pretty versatile.  Decent cleans, mid gain isn't it's strong suit, but that works too.  I'm considering two routes of replacement right now: Orange and VHT

    I had, 5 years ago, a VHT Pittbull 50/CL non-EQ.  Fantastic amp, through my Orange PPC412 w/ Texas Heats, it was awesome.  I've found a version with the EQ, as well as a Deliverance 120, for sale.  The D120 has 4xKT88's - which is a plus for me.

    On the other hand, I've spent a lot of time with some of the newer Oranges, mainly the OR15.  Almost bought one too.  I'm deciding between an OR15 and a used Rocker 30 I found.  The TH30 is cool, but I would rather have EQ knobs vs the 'Shape' knob.  I'm fine with either of the wattages, and single channels don't sway me, as I could always A/B a Jazz Chorus, etc.

    I play Telecasters and Mustangs (some w/ humbuckers), limited effects (will add more later - a good loop is a plus), and I like anything from sparkling/spanky cleans (not of importance here), raw overdrive, to brutal, CLEAR high gain territory.  Genre wise, I play indie, alternative, stoner/doom, sludge, grunge, speed/thrash, post rock, math rock, power pop.  No country (though not against it), or jazz, really.

    I want a CLEAR, high quality amp that can get heavy (don't mind using a boost for really crazy ****************), but still sound great back off a bit.  I want a good live amp, something that will last me.  Thinking the Deliverance.

    Any opinions, including suggesting amps outside of the ones mentioned?



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    6505+ 112 combo? Seems almost too obvious to mention
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      For some reason, I've never fully gotten on with the 6505+/5150II like I do with the original versions.

      I'm looking at heads right now, as I have the option of a smaller/lighter 212, or the traditional 412.  Trying to expand my horizons, while still staying conscious of the better deals out there right now, and here's the short list (yes, there were more):

      - Laney: GH50L, VH100R

      - Orange: OR15, Rocker 30

      - Marshall: DSL, VM 2466

      - VHT: Deliverance 120, 50/12, 50/CL

      I really am not leaning in any particular direction at this moment.  Never got to really tear into a Laney as I would have liked, but heard good things, and always liked my buddy's GH100L.  The OR15 I love - almost bought one over Christmas.  Being as cheap as it is, I could afford to get a separate clean amp eventually.  That said, since the Rocker 30 doesn't have an EQ on it's 'Natural' channel, it may not ber worth the extra coin for me.

      Always liked the DSL as it's more detailed top end that my 5150, but still punchy/thick enough.  I know the 2466 is different and another single channel, but it seems worthwhile.

      Lastly, the VHT's: Pittbull 50/CL is a no brainer, but the priciest option I'm considering.  The Pittbull 50/12 intrigues the hell out of me as it's a shorter head, 2 channel, and it's powered by 4xEL84 - cool.  As mentioned before, the Deliverance is always on my mind.

      I wish I could find an Engl reasonably priced...

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    make a headshell for the amp, easy solution.

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      Buy my 50cl!!!    PM me if interested.