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  • Traynor YBA-1A

    Hey there,

        Recently I've come across a pretty cheap one of these at a pawn shop. I was looking for a budget sludge/doom amp head. I know I'll need some dirt pedals to get a good distortion going, Anyways, was wondering if anyone had experience using these for aggressive styles (thrash, hardcore, grind).

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    Should work with some good dirt pedals.

    Thanks to really high B+ voltages, the 80-watt YBA-1A Bassmaster II is much louder, tighter and brighter than the original 45-watt YBA-1 Bassmaster. It's pretty stiff and articulate and peircing enough to be able to takethe heads off the first few rows of an audience and you'll probably never be able to over drive the power tubes without an attenuator.

    It does make it a great pedal platform amp. I need to add my disclaimer that old tube amps after require aome TLC that can run up a fair tech bill. If original, the filter and electrolytic caps should probably be replaced ($150) if you plan to gig out reliably and things like plate resisors and screen resistors should be checked for wesr or heat damage.