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Berhinger 4x12 included, what should I do with it?

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  • Berhinger 4x12 included, what should I do with it?

    So I am buying a head for gigging and rehearsing. Ive got a Mesa Roadster and cab, but i use that for recording at home, and dont want to lug it everywhere. 

    Basically I found a Peavey Valveking and a Behringer 4x12 for $350. 

    Is there anything i can do to mod the cab and not make it a Behringer pile of ****************, like add V30's or something?  Or should I say hell with it and pick up an Avatar 4x12 or used Marshall or something. Either way I am going after something with V30's....

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    i would just sell it had one it was worst built cab i ever had changed speakers didn't help
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