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Low voltage protection for tube amp.


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  • Low voltage protection for tube amp.

    Is there a type of power conditioner that will protect gear (tube amp) from variations and drops in voltage. On occasion the lights tend to dim a lot in our practice room. I would like to avoid wrecking my Head if possible.... I've heard most conditioners only protect against dirty power,spikes and surges.

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    a power conditioner with a built in battery should regulate thevoltage during a sag.  get ready to pay good $$ for one worth your while that reacts fast enough to dips.. check out the Furman F1500 UPS.  How many amps do you need?

    also, considering Practice spaces are often on the same circuit, check out your band mates gear to see if they don't have something wonky draining the power on the circuit.  I've come across a few bass amps that needed recapping and would dim the lights when hitting a low heavy E string. 

    Might be cheaper to just run a new circuit from the fuse box.


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      I don't think low voltage can harm your amp