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New Head Recommendation - 50 watt, not too bright, great breakup with pedals

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  • New Head Recommendation - 50 watt, not too bright, great breakup with pedals

    Possibly looking to buy a new head, as I need a bit more headroom with my rig. My current tone is a Fender Deluxe Reverb run through a Hiwatt 4x12 w/ Celestion Blues, and I use a bunch of different fuzz/OD pedals to get different distorted tones. Always use a strat on the bridge pickup, which means the treble knob stays on 0 on the amp.

    So I need some more headroom; something that will stay a cleaner when the pedals aren't engaged, but sound really good cranked by pedals do their. Thinking 50 watts, though would go to 100 if it was the right sound (though at 100 watts, i'd probably have to replace the celestion blues in the cabinet since it's a total of 60 watts of speakers). So far, I've tried a 70's Marshall JMP which I love with humbuckers, but has too much of an ice-pick with the strat. 

    Any recommendations? Was thinking of trying out a Hiwatt, a Sunn Model T, other kinds of Marhshalls, etc. Mostly into vintage, hand-wired amps, though would check out new amps too. oh yeah, i play heavy psychedelic rock - some sound is a cross between Tool and Pink Floyd, a touch of Soundgarden/Nirvana in there.

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    Orange maybe? OR 50 is a doozy....

    "Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work" - Gustave Flaubert


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      SInce you like your DR, but want more headroom test Bassman, Dual Showman, or a Peavey heads.  IDK...

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    How about a vintage Traynor?

    - 40 Watt Bassmaster

    - 80 Watt Bassmaster

    - 100 Watt Mark III


    All incredible.


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      mesa tremoverb and with tube rectifier plus spongy mode can get down to around 60-70 watts