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Is the LTD version of the Lynch skull and Snakes any good?


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  • Is the LTD version of the Lynch skull and Snakes any good?

    I have been looking in that model for awhile, but seeing as i'd have to order it, i wouldn't be able to check it out in person.
    Is the only difference Alder vs Maple body and the neck pickup?
    In other the ESP version worth the extra 1200$?

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    Usually on the models like that there's a different on the designs (the ESP will be painted on)


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      IMO, the maple body makes the difference pretty noticeable.
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        If EVH chooses basswood for his guitars what does that tell you?   I am looking for a LTD version of the S&S Lynch. Maple makes it heavy as **************** and the sound is darker, with way less growl.