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    Ok after being talked into buying a bunch of different amps everytime I went to buy a Fender Deluxe Reverb... I finally bought the Fender Deluxe Reverb limited edition with wine tolex and alnico jensen.

    But now I have a bit of a conundrum. I sold my Hotrod Deluxe to fund the Deluxe Reverb and now am GASing for a Godin Progression (which I am having troubles finding the original version without a pickguard) and some pedals as all I have is a Tech 21 double drive and Boss blues OD.

    My other amp is a Line 6 MKII HD100 head with the FBV pedal. Ultimately I want a better head (but $1500-$3k for a head a long time coming) but without the Line 6 I will have a 4x12 cab collecting dust. Considering timing should I try and sell the Line 6 head and buy some pedals to use with my Deluxe Reverb? I fear down the road the Line 6 will greatly lose its resale value and I am not gigging with a band right now anyway.

    I hate these indecisive moments lol.

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    To me relic'd guitars are kind of dishonest, sort of like Wonder Bra's.

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    I didn't like the line 6 head. because of the limited effects control. you might want to consider a power amp and effects pedal. I did the peavey block and the rocktron utopia. hot rod right out of the box. I also have an old fender deluxe that I loaded with groove tubes. love it . this way you can alternate the effects pedal if you choose to between the fender and the 4x12. I also have a Mesa and peavey 5050 power amp. I also have been known to bring the utopia and my earset monitors. every rig has its place and function. how versital do you need to be? you should have what you need.