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Recording noob here... Need some mic placement tips..


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  • Recording noob here... Need some mic placement tips..

    I have recently acquired a Tascan NEO2488 mixer/burner. I want to use it to start jotting down ideas and such. I want to learn a few ideas on ideal mic placement. I have an SM57, Senn 609 and 906. What are some tricks that you guys use to do mic placement for recording? I just did a scratch track with the 57 about an inch off the grillcloth just a little to the left of the dustcap. And it sounded muffled. Probably too close or whatever. I am a noob. So teach me.
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    Too muffled= move it closer to the dust cap
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      And farther back possibly
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        I put a single SM57 as close to the speaker as possible, dead center. I have grilles on my speakers, so that distance is about the same as nearly touching the grill cloth.

        This works with a cranked amp, so may sound a bit thin at bedroom levels. Use about 20 less gain that your jammin gain for metal, and double track. Pan each L and R.

        The stilleto is good because its not a super gainy amp. So you may get away with the gain almost cranked on that amp.
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          And farther back possibly

          Both these make sense
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            I prefer to place it off-axis. That's how I get the type of tone you like. But really move the mic around and record short samples, eventually you will find a position that sounds good to you. It's entirely up to your personal preference.


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              The correct answer is use headphones cranked up loud, have someone play the guitar or strum it yourself (can be a bit tricky) and move the mic around till you find the right position. Alternately you can send pink noise through the amp instead of using the guitar. You'll know the spot when you hear it.
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                The best tip would be to get some decent noise isolating studio headphones and sit in front of your amp with your guitar and a mic. Just move the mic around and see what does what. Try different positions on the cone, on-axis/off-axis, different distances from the speaker, different mics, etc.

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              I place my mics off center from the center of the speaker, about 1/2" away. Sounds good if the amp sounds good. You can move it inches in any direction to alter the overtones and EQ.



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                I place an SM57 against the grille, pointing directly at a spot on the speaker cone that's roughly an inch or two from the outer edge. I've spent years experimenting, on stage and in studio, and I ALWAYS come back to this spot.

                Put the mic somewhere, record a take. Move it, record another take. Move it again, record another take. Then listen and figure out what sounds different and why.