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Blackheart bh 15 head problem


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  • Blackheart bh 15 head problem

    Hello everyone, newbe here on this very nice site. Today I picked up a used but new looking Blackheart bh 15 head. Got home with it plug in and it sounds great. So I thought wonder how it sounds with some pedals? I have a Rocktron Hush pedal, tc electronic MojoMojo, Corona Chorus and Flashback delay in new and great working order. Plugged into the Blackheart turned the pedal on and NO SOUND!!!!!! Turn pedals off in bypass beautiful sound again.... I have great cords and a power supply the pedals work great on my Fender Blues DeVille and my Peavy 110. So does anyone have a clue as to what is happening here? I sure could use your help. My nearest amp tech is 2.5 hours away. Thank you for your time..... MacSparky

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    Found the problem..... It's all on me.... Thanks to all who veiwed thje post... Maybe next time I'll have something more interesting than shooting myself in the foot lol.... Thanks MacSparky