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Silvertone 1484, harmony 415, or supro thunderbolt ?


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  • Silvertone 1484, harmony 415, or supro thunderbolt ?

    Hey guys,

    Am thinking of buying a kit for a head for one of these.

    Want a versatile vintage tone style amp. Currently have a hiwatt 504OL and a hot rodded plexi.

    Which one of these would be more versatile ?
    Was looking at the supro thunderbolt, silvertone 1484 and harmony 415

    Please give your experiences and thoughts.

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    A 1484 is probably one of the last amps I'd think of as versatile...
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      Supro is about as simple as it gets.

      1484 were old catalog amps made popular by Jack White. 

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    There's a kit foer the 1484?! Link. Now.

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    The '60s Danelectro made Silvertones and pretty damn good. The 1484 is the most well known thanks to JW. The 1483's make a great little poorman's 18W Marshall clone and the 1482's are just plain awesome.

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