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Epiphone Genesis reissue


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    I love DCs, but not those, too short wth the horns.
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      to me, that looks pretty

      honestly, if i was gonna get a guitar that fugly, i'd get one of these:
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        I'll pass.
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          the genesis have a nice binding, triple on the body, double on the headstock and simply on the neck, the finish are great.

          check this site have alot of info and pics


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            Not a fan...
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              I'm 42 now, played that Epiphone Genesis neck from 16 until 35 yr of age.  Now i have 16 other guitars, LP mostly and this neck has been the most comfortable; the radius, well I don't know the numbers but the chords feel good and the 12+ fret bending sustains even at 3 full steps (you gotta push the other strings out of the way, of course it isn't sustaining when you butt the g-string against the next two below it!).  The binding and headstock are more masterful that LP custom.  The weight, and none of this magical hollowing out, just holds the sustain.   What you never expect to buy a guitar for its body and put some Semour Duncans in to bring it all together?  You don't need to vibrato the string, just hold on give it a wiggle and let gravity do the work....... Also, who isn't a butt man, rockin' the Genesis is like a lap dance, you supply the music.


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                I used to have a Genesis. ****************ing amazing guitar. I sort of wish I hadn't sold it. But it went to a rad dude, so I'm happy.

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