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Need Advice - Line 6 FBV with Pod or Something else?


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  • Need Advice - Line 6 FBV with Pod or Something else?

    Hi everyone,

    I was recently given a Line 6 MKII FBV Shortboard. I want to use the shortbaord but I don't have any Line 6 amps and I don't want to purchase a Line 6 amp.

    I know that the shortboard must be used wth Line 6 products, so, I was thinking about picking up an older Line 6 Pod and connecting the shortbaord to the pod. 

    My goal is to have a quick and easy setup to practice at home and to also take out when I play with mr friends. Nothing major.

    I was looking at the Pod XT or 2.0. Shoud Look at anything else? Also, shoudl I belooking in another direction?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Line6 HD147. Think of it as a POD with an attached lightweight 300W solid state power supply. Pick one up for cheap. Thank me later.
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