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Not so happy with new Blackstar HT-5R


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  • Not so happy with new Blackstar HT-5R

    I picked up an HT-5R recently and I'm not quite bonding with it. The bottom end seems kinda muddy and the top seems just a bit harsh. Does that make sense? I was wondering if I should give up on it (week left on return period), try some settings changes, or try new speakers/tubes. I want a small tube amp that can go from The Police on the clean side to AC/DC or RATM on the driven side, while staying smooth and tight. Is that too much to ask :mansad:

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    What speakers are in those?


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      bdubbs wrote:

      What speakers are in those?


      According to their site, a '12" Blackbird 50 custom designed speaker', whatever that might be.


      When you say the bottom end is muddy, do you mean more like a cluttered, woofy sounding low end, or do you mean a spongy, flubby feel? The latter could be helped with cutting low freqs in front of the amp (boost/OD set not necessarily to be actually boosting, EQ pedal, etc.).


      Otherwise maybe it's the cabinet design, the speaker, or maybe it's just not really the amp for you. You might be able to tweak out EQ problems with an EQ pedal in the loop, or a tube swap, or different speaker/cab. Or just some more time tweaking the amp controls.

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    The Blackstar amps I've tried were all pretty gain-y, metalhead type amps. You could pick up an EQ for it and see how that does, but you might have just picked an amp that's not fitting what you're trying to do.

    I think Morello uses a 50 watt JCM Marshall and/or a Fender combo of some sort. Not exactly screamers.

    You should go take it back and try it against some other stuff.

    I have an Ashdown Peacemaker 40 that I'm trying to unload that would do the trick!


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      I'm of a school of thought that if I don't bond with gear and have a return option I return it.

      New tubes won't do much for the general HT5 sound. I actually do like the ID series though.