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Amp for Bush Sixteen Stone tone


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  • Amp for Bush Sixteen Stone tone

    Im in the market to get a amp to acheive this tone. Alot of people recommend a Fender Deluxe Reverb what do you think? Im pretty sure Bush used Fender Tremolux and Mesa Boogies on this record though, would i still achieve the tone on a deluxe reverb? I got a Big muff, ds1, maxon od808, dd3, phaser, chourus, so i think i got all the pedals to cover it just need a amp. I know people knock on replicating tones but i have loved Bushs sound since day one.

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    DR will work with those pedals. Old mate of mine used a Twin and a bad monkey pedal for a lot of old grunge in his band. Sounded great.


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      yea the deluxe reverb might be my next choice

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    something processed and buzzy sounding.Its not a very smooth sound
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      I remember seeing a live performance where he had a Tremoverb.
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        Rectifiers and Marshalls with hi gain.  Fenders would be about the last place I'd go.  I love the Bush stuff too.  Watch their Woodstock 99 perormance and it looks like they both have Tremoverbs.  Check out the tape on their pickups,  What is that for, to mute the E strings?

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          This might help, I pulled it off this site.



          Nigel has used some Marshalls in the past, old plexi models that he's said were really lovely, but quite harsh. Right now he and Gavin use Mesa/Boogie stacks on stage. One of the prefferable models he uses is the Trem-O-Verb. They seem to be a bit warmer and more responsive to picking up dynamics, he says. One Mesa amp he also is fond of is the Mesa Blue Angel. Nigel has also been seen using a Mesa/Boogie Heartbreaker. He also relies on a Fender '62 Tremolux, using a 2x12 cabinet with it. He likes it because when played loud, the distortion is good. Nigel is checking out an old '60s Fender Bassman amp, which you might catch onstage sometime if he likes the sound.
          Oh, boy! Nigel uses *a lot* of pedals to get those great sounds!! I'll do my we go! Here are some names he uses: Expandora, Boss turbo distortion, Fulltone, Mu-Tron Octave Divider, Boss PS-3 Pitch Shifter, Mu-Tron flanger, Mu-Tron phaser, Echoplex, for a few. He used to like using Roland Space Echos, which were warm, but because of noise weren't heard well. He's always searching for the perfect fuzz box.


          Well, there's a start.